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Bill Holman (creator of the Smokey Stover comic strip) standing with Pete Schlatter and his Foo Mobile


Alfred "Pete' Schlatter

Pete Schlatter did not come up with the crazy creation of a 2 wheeled car, but he did bring it to life. For more history on the source of the 2 wheel car known as the Foo Mobile I recommend you visit this is a website devoted to Bill Holman, the creator of the Foo Mobile.


Here is Pete's Car at the Indianapolis Auto Show.

30 Year Annivesary

2007 marks the 30 year anniversary of the 2 wheel car. For many years Pete pondered a way to make the 2 wheel car work, and 11 days before the Francesville Fall Festival, EUREKA in the middle of the night Pete figured it out and 11 days later was the inaugural  run of the 2 wheel car in the 1977 Francesville Fall Festival.

June 1978 Popular Mechanics

Pete's 2 wheeled car was featured in the June of 1978 edition of Popular Mechanics where he spilled the beans on how the car works.


Recent 2-Wheel Car Sightings:

Medaryville Potato Fest - Aug 18th 2007

Reynolds Town Festival - Sept 8th 2007

Francesville Fall Festival - Sept 15th 2007

Newport Hill Climb - Oct 6th 2007


Photo Gallery

Check out some pictures Current and Years Past!


Car Locations

  • The Original 2-Wheel Car - Francesville, IN
  • Manufactured Car - Francesville, IN
  • Kit Car - Georgetown, KY
  • Manufactured Car - Nappanee, IN



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